Our beginnings route back a few years, back to when we were just a ragtag group of sports enthusiasts based out of Hong Kong. We knew we wanted to do something, to put our mark on the world. We loved fitness and truly felt that the world would be a better place if everyone took care of themselves; if everyone kept healthy. At that point, we had unwittingly already taken the first steps of our NutroOne journey.

All journeys
start with a
single footstep

Health is hearty,
health is harmony,
health is happiness.

Our aim was to help people be happy. To do that we needed to help them get healthy. But how? We knew a lot of people who really wanted to get fit but simply didn’t have the time; friends and family of ours were living the classic fast-paced Hong Kong lifestyle, where every minute is valuable and every second sacred. We knew we wanted to give these people a way to stay fit and save time, we knew we needed to find a way to make them happy.

From our workshop
to your door

Our answer was an online one-stop health shopping platform. A way to give the people we knew professional workout equipment to use in the comfort of their own homes. Because of us, they’d be able to keep their fast-paced lifestyle, stay in shape, and have time to rest. From beauty & skincare to sports nutrition to strength equipment, NutroOne’s workshop was up and running.

Get fit don’t quit

Our equipment is scientifically designed to target strength training and bodybuilding. Each piece crafted with professionalism and functionality in mind; extensive fitness machines, including cable, smith machines, power racks, pull-up racks, and other commercial-grade accessories & machines, have all expertly engineered for you.

All our fitness machines entitle you to free delivery and an annual machine maintenance We’ll even help you assemble them if you’d like.

Your health is our business. Get in touch with us today to take your first step towards a stronger, healthier, and most importantly, happier, future.